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Local Fundraising

By Sara Venn


It’s never easy to just find money. And, whilst most Incredible Edible groups are busy growing food for their communities and connecting those communities through that food, often fundraising is a real struggle, as no one really wants to spend their time writing funding bids – particularly with the knowledge that far more are turned down than accepted.

So what is the answer? Well the simple response is we don’t really know but we are aware of how some groups have raised funds and thought we would share those with you. None of these options will bring in lots of money, but they will all help!

It’s always fun to have an open day in a garden; sell tea, cakes and use the event as both a fundraiser and a community engagement event for all to come to. Inviting local groups along, as well as residents of your area, could bring lots of new volunteers and advocates. Remember to encourage groups of different ages as it’s always fun to mix those groups and get them talking and learning from each other.

Lots of groups also sell excess plants to people in their area. Allotment holders and gardeners often look for young plants to buy and this can be a simple way of not letting extras go to waste whilst earning a few pounds to support your growing space.

Also look out for the smaller, local funding bids that take very little form-filling but which can be quite useful. Most waste service providers have environmental awards that they love to give to community groups and the Bags of Help scheme is also useful, as it helps with engagement and letting people know what you are doing.

We are sure that there are lots of other ways groups can raise funds for their work, so why not get in touch with us and tell us your fundraising story? Or just any other story you’d like to share. We’d love to hear from you and for you to tell us your Incredible tales!