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Start a group

We’ve created our 10 steps to being Incredible as a handy tool if you’re thinking about starting a group in your local community. Once you sign up, you’ll get access to our full Get Going guide and resources, with everything you need to get started.

  1. You are inspired! You can see how spinning the three plates could change your community and you want to make it happen.
  2. Sign up to the Incredible Edible website and read through the Getting Going section for lots of resources, hints and tips.
  3. Get some people to join youpublicise your idea, get speaking to people in the community centre/library/pub and hold a meeting. Remember ‘if you eat you’re in’, so not everyone needs to be a grower; you’ll need a range of skills in the team.
  4. Build your team – drink tea and talk: what inspires you about Incredible Edible; why you want to be Incredible; the skills, knowledge, contacts and resources you already have and what you’d like to achieve in your community.
  5. Plan your activities – start small (remember the power of small actions). Once you start, people will gain interest and you’ll get more support for the next stage of your plan. Start with one plate (community, learning, business) then move onto another.
  6. Think about practicalities – locations with good footfall, signage, insurance, what to plant, access to water, who’s going to water and when, safeguarding, who are your local producers and how you could involve them, as well as what local groups might want to learn about food.
  7. Do it! – get out there, plant, grow, water, chat, connect, chat some more, meet new people, share your learning and promote your local food producers.
  8. Celebrate and share – motivation comes from acknowledging you’ve achieved something, so celebrate with your group and with your community, share your food, your learning, your plans, your next get-together date.
  9. Learn, plan and advertise – what worked well, what not so well, what do you want to do more of, advertise it, talk about it, promote it.
  10. Do some more! – now you’ve got going, keep going, keep celebrating, keep drinking tea and sharing. The momentum you gain will be infectious.