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Our vision is to create kind, confident and connected communities through the power of food.

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If you eat, you’re in

Our unique vision is founded on the connection between three core ideas.

Learning plate

We bring learning to life from plot to playground.

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Community plate

We galvanize our community through growing and celebrating local food.

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Business plate

We support local and we buy local.

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Seeds to Solutions

It’s here!

A new tool for all Incredibles to:

  • raise awareness of IE and our work

  • celebrate the diversity of our groups

  • Make the link with climate change actions.

An amazing 224 page, full-colour, hardback book at a subsidised not-for-profit price.

You can order your copy through any good bookshop or by using the link here. For wholesale and shipping prices for multiple copies please email here. (Please note that this title is not currently supplied through Amazon.)

Seeds to Solutions was made possible by incredibleedible.org.uk along with those Incredible Edible groups who contributed, support from ESS – COMPASS-group, UK and Ireland, and the many Incredibles worldwide who share the same vision.

Publisher: Incredible Edible CIC • Distributor: SP Square CIC.



Incredible beginnings

Once upon a time, about ten years ago, Pam and Mary met with a group of friends to dream and make a plan. In their northern market town they saw unloved places and wondered if they planted veg in them and encouraged people to take what they needed they could create a conversation that would enable people to think differently about the power and potential of their future. So spades in hand, they set to work. Growing spaces led to conversations that encouraged people to imagine that the power of these small actions could help people live happy, healthy and prosperous lives. Lives lived in connected communities, built out of the power of their own will, their own imagination and grown through the power of small actions.

Our story


An Incredible network

The Incredible Edible Network was set up in 2012 in response to the huge popularity of the original group in Todmorden and the flood of enquiries from those who wanted to embrace it’s aims.

Since then, the number of Incredible Edible groups in the UK has soared from 25 to more than 100, and the movement is hugely popular across the globe. Facebook fans are now in their thousands and conferences and workshops are held across the country. From compost to risk assessments, to working with local authorities the Incredible Edible Network is here to help.

About the Network


An Incredible movement

People are inspired by the action of Incredible Edible and with so many growing and changing their landscape across the UK and worldwide it’s easy to see why. There are no rules, just some values, stories and passion. And you don’t need to sign up to a ‘Statement of Principles’.

We would love you to join us on the journey. There are lots of people who have walked this journey before you, ready to share their learning and local networks meeting together to inspire and build each other up. We work in groups and with partners, with all who are willing.

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If you’re feeling inspired by our values find out more about how we put these values into practice in our communities.

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If you’re interested in becoming part of Incredible Edible’s work, you can either find an existing group in your area to join or start a new group.