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Our incredible history

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Our values

Every Incredible Edible group is different, and everyone has their own take, but out of all we have learned we value…


Being positive

Believe in the power of your own potential to create the future for yourself that you want.


Being local

In your passion, your action and your purchasing. Find ways to create local solutions to global problems.


Being connected

We are more passionate about people than plants. We are not just a growing group. We believe that when people spend time connecting together and listening to each other positive change happens.


Being brave

The future is in our hands. We have the right as citizens to take action. The structures in a democratic society are there to serve the will of the citizens, not the other way around.


Being active

Don’t wait for permission or funding – just do something today, however small and the result will grow.

Our members

At Incredible Edible we have one overriding truth – that people have the power to create places they are proud of with futures full of hope, where anyone can be involved. If you eat, you’re in!

Today we are a federation of independent groups world wide. There is one recipe – the three plates – but everywhere the recipe is tried, it comes out with a distinctly local flavour. We celebrate this diversity and embrace this difference.

Where are the groups located?

Our groups are spread across the UK and world wide. Find out where your nearest Incredible Edible group is.

Contact us

If you’d like to find out more about how you can get involved – from full member to partner – send us a message.