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Our vision is to create kind, confident and connected communities through the power of food.

The three plates, like lots of our inspiration, came out of a story. We live in communities that are often disconnected. If communities connect together and believe in their potential, people start to do good, kind and loving things in the world around them. At Incredible Edible we believe this starts by agitating three plates. Imagine that you are a plate spinner. There are three plates and if you use your will and passion to spin all three, the energy they create not only puts on a great show but helps everyone who sees think differently about the future.

Community is at the very heart of Incredible Edible’s work and our growing patches are edible attractions to get people talking. From its inception, Incredible Edible sought to show how ordinary people can transform their own landscapes and turned disused plots into abundant sources of healthy food.

Working with whoever is willing, we create powerful connections through food, which lead people to believe that when we act together each of us is stronger for it.

Find out how to put this into practice in your community with our Back of the seed packet tips.

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Galvanize your community through growing and celebrating local food.

Community stories

Working together: Incredible Education and Age UK

Critchley House, run by Age UK Salford, is a bright and welcoming social centre and tea garden where older people meet, join groups, learn new skills and enjoy the company of others to help combat and reduce social isolation. Since 2015, supported by Incredible Education, a group of older people attending Critchley House have developed an edible garden at Critchley Cafe and two sites in the community.

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We believe in the lost arts. The art of growing and soil science, the art of cooking and preserving and the connection that is made to our planet when we learn about food. Incredible Edible believes reviving our hands-on knowledge of food is essential for all our futures.

Schools are natural places to start, with food playing an increasingly important part in the curriculum. Our groups work with schools and their gardening clubs to pass on skills and get them growing. But of course learning doesn’t end at the school gates, and groups across the country provide training through adult gardening clubs, training courses and workshops such as chutney making, pickling and frugal cooking.

Find out how to put this into practice in your community with our Back of the seed packet tips.

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From plot to playground, Incredible Edible brings learning to life.

Learning stories

Incredible Edible Wakefield Edible Activity Trail

The Edible Activity Trail was created by Incredible Edible Wakefield as a fun way to introduce children to the idea of growing food whilst also helping to develop their maths and English skills.

The idea initially came about as the group needed a way of encouraging teachers to bring pupils along to Eastmoor community garden and wanted to inspire teachers to bring food growing into the curriculum.

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In the UK we are a nation of shop keepers. Proud, industrious people, making a living, giving back to the community and making the local high street vibrant. Incredible Edible believes in business and its positive impact in our communities.

The business plate is nothing at all to do with sponsorship or asking others for help. It’s everything about what we as individuals can do to support a local food economy. Getting pounds into the pockets of small local food businesses so that over time they might be able to produce more and employ more people. It’s dead simple. If it’s possible, the more people shop for local food, the stronger our local food economy is and the stronger our communities are. We support local and buy local, we promote ‘green routes’ that celebrate local growing and walk past local business. That way, we all contribute and we will benefit – we make money – sticky.

Find out how to put this into practice in your community with our Back of the seed packet tips.

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Supporting a local food economy that thrives and keeps money in our towns.

Business stories

Demonstrating the three plates in synergy: the creation of Incredible Edible Oldhill

This story from Incredible Edible Dunstable illustrates so many things which are part of being Incredible…

We start when Sahira from Incredible Edible Dunstable went along to give a talk about all things Incredible at Dunstable Gardening Club. And while enjoying a cuppa after the talk, Val, one of the club members, approached Sahira to let her know about a raised bed which wasn’t been used in a local shopping centre. Val knew Nick who knew Justin (the landlord for the property) who knew Sharna who works with Autism Bedfordshire whose shop is next to the raised bed. And through these community networks an incredible new group started to grow!

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I'd like to get involved

If you’re interested in becoming part of Incredible Edible’s work, you can either find an existing group in your area to join or start a new group.