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An Incredible Happy New Year

By Sara Venn


Over the last 12 months Incredible Edible groups across the UK and worldwide have made huge change in their communities, growing food, supporting local food systems and economies and showing that grassroots change is happening, and that everyone can get involved by supporting, amplifying and encouraging small changes that really show the power of the small actions we encourage.

Whether working as individual groups or collaborating with others, the power of kindness resonates from Incredible Edible groups as they give time and effort finding the local solutions to the global issues that over the last year have really come to the fore, although they obviously are not something that is new to us. Incredible Edible was founded to create the change that would be needed by communities in the face of climate breakdown. Now we know that work needs to amplify, step up and start joining up across the UK as we acknowledge the IPCC and understand we have a very short timeframe to change our world into one that supports itself, and all the populations that rely on it. Now more than ever grassroots movements are needed to demand and fight for the change that will save the planet.

Whilst we spend time on the ground, working to make the change we want to see, many groups are also involved in campaigns demanding better political behaviour, fighting for truth and demanding legislative change locally, nationally and internationally. We salute that work, and hope our voice at the Incredible Edible Network supports that work.

Soon our 2019 Impact Report will be published and we will continue to support work across the network and that of organisations we share ethos with.

In the meantime, happy new year to all Incredible Edible groups and people. We hope 2020 will be another year of incredible work and campaigning