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Incredible People. A Series Beginning In Incredible Edible Conwy

By Sara Venn


For 2020 we have decided to tell a series of stories from around the Incredible Edible Network that tells tales of the incredible individuals that we work with and that support the work we do, making it easier and removing challenges.

The people who inspire and create positivity. The people who understand the bigger picture and understand the need to make a change whilst supporting the community. The people who see the power of a truly grassroots movement and seek to help, not hinder. The stories of people for whom Incredible Edible groups have created empowerment and helped them reach their potential. A whole community of people who make us the movement for kindness and change that we are today, and that strengthen us as we move forwards.

And our first tale is from Incredible Edible Conwy, where Celia Williams, our Regional Facilitator for Wales, says

“Our garden share owner Libet Williams is a very special lady, who has opened her garden, her kitchen and heart to the Incredible Edible group. She is most definitely one of the team, playing a part that has helped to strengthen the group through providing a great meeting place and growing area for people and plants.”

Garden shares are known to be challenging but Libet saw that the group would flourish with a permanent space where they could propagate plants for the planters and gardens around Conwy, and where they could come together as a group regularly to talk about plans. The opportunity arose when one of the group, who helped Libet in her garden, was offered the garden for the group to use. So, in 2015 the group began to work in the garden, firstly in raised beds that were already there, growing potatoes and doing bits and pieces around the garden. Once Libet saw the group were flourishing she offered them the use of one of her glasshouses and eventually was kind enough to allow the group to put up a polytunnel for propagation.

The group meet at the garden once per week, and it has become an important part of the week for them. They start with a planning meeting in the kitchen of the house, which has also enabled the group to feel more connected, over coffee and biscuits. Often new people come along and this gives the group the opportunity to welcome them in a trusted space and bring them into the fold! Work is then undertaken around the garden and in the propagation spaces, and the group then comes together for lunch, with Libet, before more work is undertaken and plans for the following week made.

The garden share part of the project is set in stone with an agreement between the group and Libet, that sets out which parts of the garden can be used, when watering will take place, and other practical issues for the group, as well as some safety issues for Libet, such as being aware of dogs etc. This means everyone’s expectations are met and there are no unpleasant surprises.

The group count Libet as an important part of their team, and the garden has become integral to the work of Incredible Edible Conwy. What an Incredible person!!

Would you like to tell us a tale of an Incredible person? Get in touch through our website where you’ll find the contact details for your regional facilitator who will introduce you to our comms team. We can’t wait to tell your stories!