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People watering plants in a public park with a big yellow sunflower in the foreground People watering plants in a public park with a big yellow sunflower in the foreground

Kick starting an Incredible 2019

By Sarah Ward


Happy New Year to our Incredible community, friends and partners!  What do you have planned for 2019?

As the new year starts with lots of good intentions, we’ve got some great ideas for activities to get you through the next couple of months.  Incredible Edible groups connect their communities, and when there’s less to do outside, it’s great to keep activities going on inside so you maintain the connections between your group members as well as take the opportunity to discuss and plan over a hot cuppa.

For all our Incredible Edible groups, staying connected and motivated through the winter season can be challenging.  However, there’s loads of practical and communal things you can do with your group, depending on your interests and the skills and resources you’ve got in your group.  We’ve come up with a list to inspire you:

  • Woodworking sessions producing bird boxes etc
  • Putting together seed packets for events using saved seed or seed bought in bulk (sign in to access our special Incredible Edible seed packet templates here)
  • Socials, maybe a trip to a local microbrewery including tasting session and pie and pea supper afterwards
  • A fuddle – everyone brings something to eat or drink
  • February to March is good for running a fruit tree grafting session
  • This time of year is good for splitting rhubarb or for starting fruit bushes from cuttings

Contact us if you’ve got any other ideas for Incredible things groups can be doing during the next few months and we’ll share across the Network.

This is also a great time of year to do those tasks which you never have time for when the growing season is in full flow, like planning your activities, making signs for your growing sites, talking to your local businesses about how you can support each other or planning a volunteer recruitment drive.  And if you’re wondering whether 2019 is the year you’re going to start something Incredible in your community, have a look at our 10 Steps to being Incredible, for inspiration.

Here’s to an Incredible 2019, we look forward to hearing and sharing your stories as you create kind, confident and connected communities.