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Dunst 2018 Xmas party Dunst 2018 Xmas party

Connecting with kindness in the Winter

By Sarah Ward


Incredible Edible aims to create kind, confident and connected communities.  And at this time of year, it’s really important to keep those connections going, especially when the plants aren’t doing much and it’s dark and cold outside.

Come rain or shine Incredible Edible Dunstable have two regular community events at their growing space, in the middle of summer and in the depths of winter.  However, it’s always good to have a plan B up your sleeve in case the weather interferes with your activities…  Last Saturday the group planned their Christmas Party to welcome everyone from the local community with food to share, a bauble or home-made decoration and their best singing voice.  Lorry planned to bring along his keyboard and play some favourites with any musicians who want to join in. However, Storm Deirdre had other plans, and although the group tried their best to get the festivities going, understandably some people stayed warm and dry inside – although the Mayor wrapped up warm and came along in support!  Plan B is still available over the next week or so, if anyone wants to get involved.

Sahira, Incredible Edible Dunstable lead and our Regional Facilitator for the area, understands that sometimes this time of year can be difficult for people, “When the days are short and everyone seems to be enjoying a party, it can be tough, especially if you’ve lost a loved one.  So we offer people the chance to come and hang a bauble in our beautiful garden in memory of their lost ones.”  And it’s hard to stay sad when you realise you’re not alone, so if you’re in the Dunstable area and you’d like to hang a bauble and take a moment in this frenzied time, then head along to the Katherine Drive site.  And of course, in true Incredible Edible style, there’s beetroot, spinach and herbs available for harvest too.

For Florence Halls, the chance to be part of the Incredible Edible community is uplifting.  Florence is mother of Bruce, who sadly died nearly two years ago. Bruce worked at Stockwood Park in and around the greenhouses.  Florence said, “Incredible Edible Dunstable has very kindly let me plant herbs and fruit bushes in his memory. It gives me great comfort when I go down to the garden. I feel I am among friends; Bruce’s memory lives on in the plants.”

There are different ways Incredible Edible enables connections between people and communities, and these are a couple of examples of how Incredible Edible Dunstable ensures those connections remain strong even when the weather gets in the way.

As the end of 2018 draws close, it’s a time of year to reflect on all the Incredible things which you have achieved – our groups are truly Incredible and we look forward to sharing these achievements in our 2018 Impact Report which we’ll publish in March 2019.

From the Incredible Edible Network, we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in Incredible Edible groups and our friends and partners who support Incredible activities connecting communities across the UK and the world.  You are Incredible!