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Keeping Kindness at our Core

By Sara Venn


We are living in a divided world and one which we often find difficult to work our way through, but whilst many people see Incredible Edible as an organisation that just grows food, from the inside we all know it’s far from that. Incredible Edible groups across the UK, and worldwide, are focused on a future that supports people, encourages skill sharing and talks about the importance of local economies and business. And the reason we do this is simple. We want to live in a kinder world.

The word kindness is often undervalued and somewhat misunderstood. It doesn’t mean weakness, or being soft, but in fact is far more about bravery and courage.. Kindness is something that is often missing from our day to day lives, and it takes strength to stand up for and communicate the importance of kindness. However, if we want to bring our divided society together, create an inclusive society where intersectionality no longer exists, and understands the harm inequality does to individuals and society as a whole, rather than focusing on economic growth, we need another focus. Economic growth forces us to focus on wealth, whereas kindness puts health and wellbeing at the core of society. It enables us to talk about both physical and mental health, on ensuring everyone has access to good food, housing, fresh air, and it makes us focus on the most vulnerable in our society, and on giving everyone the same opportunities. Those of us with privilege, with a voice or a platform, be that individual or combined, can support this and make it a call to action. After all isn’t it obvious that this would be a better place to live?

We know there are stories of kindness across the whole of the Incredible Edible Network, so if you have a tale you’d like to tell, about kindness in your community, or in a  specific person or organisation who works with kindness at their core, why not get in touch and let us tell that tale. After all, there’s far more that connects us than divides us. Get in touch through www.incredibleedible.org.uk