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A new ‘Learning Network’ for the Right to Grow

By Incredible Edible


Communities and councils all around the country are working to secure local Right to Grow policies, and while different areas may face different challenges and opportunities, there’s so much we can learn from each other, if we only get together and share.

This month Incredible Edible launched our Right to Grow Learning Network, kicking off with presentations and discussion between more than 40 individuals from around the UK including London, Swansea, Porthmadog, Reigate, St Albans, Edinburgh, Prestwich, Lewisham, Leeds, Shropshire, Bristol, Runnymede, Gloucestershire, Nottingham and Norfolk.

Our own Pam Warhurst set the scene, inspiring us with a powerful case for the need, and opportunities for a Right to Grow (watch a short edit of Pam’s segment here). We then welcomed Anna Route from Hull Food Partnership, to speak about her work with Hull City Council to help pass a Right to Grow motion. For the final presentation, we were joined by Mikey Tompkins who shared the immense potential of community mapping for food growing, to bring our urban spaces to life.

The group also had time to discuss progress happening around the country, talk about what shared resources would be useful, and make some valuable connections. Together we agreed to keep these discussion calls going regularly through 2024, each one focusing on a different topic and opening up opportunities for collaboration and sharing lessons learned. If you’d like to be informed about upcoming Right to Grow Learning Network calls, sign up to the Right to Grow mailing list, and if you’d like to take the discussion further you can also join our Facebook discussion group.