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Hackney’s Right to Food Conference

By Incredible Edible


Last Saturday (25th November) Incredible Edible attended the Hackney Right to Food Conference. Our founder, Pam Warhurst, was invited to join the panel to speak about our Right to Grow campaign, and the potential of such a scheme for Hackney.

The day was a huge success, with discussion on a broad range of topics about access to food for Hackney, and with representatives from many different groups including growers, local politicians and environmental and social justice activists in attendance both for the panel discussion and a workshopping session to find solutions.

The Right to Grow shared by Pam was received with a great cheer from the floor, and people are now coming together to form a group to work on initiating a Right to Grow for the borough. Hackney could be the first of many London councils to take this bold step; to change the rules and empower people to grow food on public land by right, not permission.

“I was inspired by the day with the people of Hackney. The growers are there, the appetite is there, the land is there. Now it’s about the political will to change things, and I believe that is there too!” – Pam Warhurst