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A celebration of being IncrEdible

By Pam Warhurst


In the year of COP26 in Glasgow, in the year of the Food Ethics Council publishing their Food citizenship manifesto, and in the year we at last can get out together and work on our propaganda gardens our Edible trails and our support for local food businesses, it’s great to have a publisher wishing to celebrate your amazing work and that of all the people you work with.

It’s time to remind people of what we do and why we do it .

Working with a great social enterprise in Glasgow, SPSquare reverse-action publishing company, we’re creating a book that celebrates the growth of our movement from the early days told in our first book, Plant Veg, Grow a Revolution, to now reminding us all of the power of small actions and how they can change our world for the better. Tips, recipes, stories and challenges. There never was a more important time to remind people of what spinning those three plates can do.
Watch this space.

SP SQUARE – reverse-action publishers based in Glasgow: www.spsquare.org
SP SQUARE will be launching a dedicated webpage to the project Meanwhile you can contact them on team.spsquare@gmail.com