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Sustainable food futures

By Pam Warhurst

There’s plenty of people I admire across the spectrum of campaigners for a more responsible, sustainable future, but there’s non I admire more than Patrick Holden and the Sustainable Food Trust.
Inspiring and pragmatic his work over the years has certainly helped me understand the need to join the activism of the grassroots to opportunities the commercial sector can create for a more just approach to good food for all . Few bad people just bad systems.
I came across the Trusts website again today and thought, I just wish we were all better connected to create the irresistible force needed to shift the levers of power towards a kinder prosperity for all. And then I woke up and smiled because in so many ways in so many places, that’s exactly what’s happening.
Margaret Mead had it right. Collectively, whatever the scale, what we all do matters.
If you’ve not looked at it for a while, see what you think.