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Sharing our Incredible Skills

By Sara Venn


Since the beginnings of Incredible Edible Todmorden skill sharing has always been at the heart of the Incredible Edible vision and now it is a key ethos across the 140 groups in the UK and the 600 worldwide. Whilst some groups are creating workshop opportunities, others are just sharing the skills they have with others in the group. However, it doesn’t really matter the delivery model, but rather that these skills are being shared within the community and not lost. Whether it’s the skills of growing food, of caring for soil, of baking or preserving harvests, as a small set of examples, ensuring these skills are kept in communities and shared throughout communities, is an important way to ensure not just community empowerment, but also food citizenship.

Education has always been one of the 3 plates of Incredible Edible, but often that plate is confused with work in schools and more traditional types of learning, and we forget that learning is a lifelong practice. Whether 5 or 95, learning is always an exciting part of life, and introduces us not just to new skills but often to new people, connecting us with new people, new experiences and often with a part of a community we may never have met before. Our communities are rich in practical knowledge, often learned through wider family and there is no better way than to ensure community empowerment than to share this.

And whilst we are sharing these skills we are also creating more community connections and supporting the local economy to strengthen through new enterprise ideas that inevitably appear through these connections. Often when we are successfully spinning those 3 plates of community, education and business we are unaware of the changes we are enabling within our communities, but they are powerful moments, and moments to capture as a part of our Incredible Edible work.

So if you’d like to tell us your tales of skill sharing, do get in touch and we’ll support the telling of the stories of change through learning……..