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Close up of poppy seed pods Close up of poppy seed pods

Seed Week-The Power of a Seed to Support Partnerships

By Sara Venn


From 18thNovember through to 22ndNovember @seedsovreignty.org and the Gaia Foundation will be again running Seed Week, supporting more seed saving by people and communities and more local seed provision and we are pleased to be a part of that once again.

Seed saving is not just a way to ensure our favourite varieties of both fruit and veg are kept alive, but it also supports a vibrant local food economy. For this week the aim is to tell as many stories of seed saving as possible and amplify those stories across the UK so we can celebrate the strength of the seed sovereignty movement across the UK.

For us at the Incredible Edible Network getting involved with these campaigns gives us lots of great opportunities to support organisations that we share an ethos with, as well as giving us the opportunity to support and amplify their work. It also gives us the chance to introduce all Incredible Edible groups to organisations we work with, and for them to get involved in the work too. With campaigns like this relying heavily on social media engagement, this is really important work that eventually supports us all to have our voices and messages heard.

If you’d like to get involved get in touch and we will help you to tell your seed stories, or get involved on social media. On Instagram tag @inthepottingshed and @the gaiafoundation and on Twitter tag us @IncredibleNetworkUK, @fgaiafoundation, @seedsovwestengland and @seedsov, and use the hastags #seedweek and #seedsovreignty on both platforms. And if you’d like to find out more information take a look at www.seedsovreignty.org.