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Three girls and a teacher, wrapped up warm and wearing gardening gloves are planting up a new raised bed Three girls and a teacher, wrapped up warm and wearing gardening gloves are planting up a new raised bed

School’s new walking route is Incredibly Edible and educational

By Sarah Ward


A community planting day in Llandudno Junction has created an edible garden for children and parents of the local school – and anyone else walking past.

Staff and pupils of the Speech and Language Resource, Dosbarth Gold y Gors at Ysgol Awel y Mynydd primary school joined members of Incredible Edible Conwy to plant produce which the local community can harvest this year. The planting took place by the new safe walking route to the school, which coincidentally runs past Incredible Edible Conwy’s plant nursery area.

Conwy County Borough Council, who planned and built the new footpaths to make walking to school safer, had the foresight to include some robust raised beds.  When members of Incredible Edible Conwy saw the planters being installed, they jumped on the chance to speak to the Council and secure some of the beds for edibles. And then, to support spinning the learning plate, have also included local school children in the planting and after care of the beds.

The children turned up at 10.00 am sharp on a cold but sunny winter morning, a little nervous in the beginning asking the question, “What and who are Incredible Edible?”.  But ten minutes into the session and the nerves disappeared as the wonderful digging implements were handed out. The children’s faces lit up as they began happily delving into the soil, getting dirty and feeling pretty Incredible themselves.

As it was a winter planting session, hardy herb plants including rosemary, bay and thymes also currant bushes and a miniature apple tree were chosen to create some structure. To teach and highlight to the children about winter growing vegetables, kales, leeks and cabbages were also planted up.  It was a great experience as the children and staff hadn’t ever grown winter vegetables before so this was a first for them.

The juiciest part of the deal by far, is that now the school’s Speech and Language Unit and Incredible Edible Conwy have made a brilliant connection and will continue to work together every week in term time, filling the beds with plants grown from seed by the children and caring for the beds together. The team even hope to do colourful edible floral salads, herb teas and some apple pressing in the autumn – how about that for spinning the learning plate?

The planting day was organised by Conwy Council who see the group as a valuable community resource that brings people together and were delighted to support by donating the raised beds.

Incredible Edible Conwy have demonstrated how being part of a connected community (and being cheeky and asking) can bring opportunities for the group, and for the local community too.  If you’d like to get involved then search for a group near you here, or have a look at our 10 steps to being Incredible to see how to start a new group.