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Potato Day in Wigan……

By Sarah Ward

Pam tells us all about her trip to Wigan’s inaugural Potato Day.

Wonderful Wigan, in the sunshine at Sunshine House giving away heritage seed potatoes to old hands and beginners alike. We started the day on Wigan Market where the markets folk helped us set up our display of ten different seed potatoes bought on behalf of the residents by Wigan Council. A local charity Book Cycle joined us to give away heritage apple and pear trees which they had bought from the proceeds from their second hand book shop. All they asked for was to know where the tree was to be planted so they can watch Wigan orchards grow, literally.  Anthony, you’re a star. Wasn’t sure what to expect but the level of interest in spuds, growing and even bee keeping was amazing. Talked to loads of folks about what we were up to and as ever met some great people. Turns out Standish Methodist church are creating an allotment growing area for their locals. One to follow I think.

Then on to Sunshine House, a community centre in a league of its own, where Barbara and volunteers are hoping to launch a local food store in a converted church building next door to their main centre. Met up with Tracey from housing department who helped me give away spuds and advise folks on what to do if they were first timers. Tracey , whose favourite potatoe is Red Duke of Yorks, runs free growing classes for Council tenants , just another example of a joined up Council with wonderful staff. Loads of interest.