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Our Impact Report 2018

By Sarah Ward


Today we launch our Impact Report 2018.  In streets, villages, towns and cities around the world people are making change real. Here in the UK, our Incredible Edible network goes from strength to strength and we’re delighted to welcome you to the Incredible Edible Network’s 2018 Impact Report, which celebrates the work of thousands of grass roots activists around the UK.  Never has the power of small actions been more obvious or the need greater than it is today. Thank you to all of our Incredible people for your work and commitment in building kinder, confident and connected communities, through that power of small actions.

This report attempts to capture, in numbers and stories, a snapshot of our network in the last year. A document can never really do justice to the thousands of conversations shared, of people inspired, of dreams realised, but it does contribute to the unfolding story of ordinary people writing a new story of what it’s possible to do when people dream big dreams.  We hear about new groups which have set up in 2018, the people we’ve connected with through over 14.5 years’ worth of time being given to the Incredible Edible movement, the range of places we’ve cultivated and the resources and connections we provide online.  With funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, our network of groups have achieved Incredible things in 2018.

Looking forward, we set out our vision for the future, where there is more land to feed ourselves from, more people living well and long and more skills and jobs in resourceful communities.  This is summarised in our new Social Contract:


  1. Grow and share food in our local communities.
  2. Create more propaganda gardens.
  3. Share the lost arts.
  4. Support local businesses.


  1. Rethink public realm.
  2. Make edible landscapes mainstream.
  3. Invest in community kitchens & skills.
  4. Support local food supply chains.

This is not a new phase of the development of Incredible Edible, we have been working for this since day one. Today we feel it is more urgent than ever that the power of our small actions is matched by committed actions in all quarters to help us change the frameworks that support us to live healthy, happy and prosperous lives. Now is the time for us to be the change and see the change.  Download our Impact Report 2018 to read more.