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Incredible Edible Yorkshire & Humber Big Get Together

By Incredible Edible


Incredible Edible Leeds hosted a Big Get Together for Incredible Edible groups from across Yorkshire & Humber on Sunday 24th September.

It was a great opportunity for people to connect and find out what was going on in each other’s respective communities in terms of the food they grow, the activities they run and the connections they make. All attendees worked together to discuss common challenges such as recruiting volunteers, lack of resources and lack of available land to grow on.

Some of the discussions looked for solutions to how we can be more resilient, resourceful and hopeful as well as looking at tapping into shared resources and bulk buying common items such as seeds for economies of scale.

Finally, we discussed the Right to Grow. This was particularly interesting for many of the groups as they do struggle with getting permission to grow food on public land. Sometimes processes do exist, but these are inadvertent barriers for ordinary people. Other times, volunteers can be overwhelmed or frustrated by the process and find themselves having to apply for permission when trying to take positive action in the face of the climate crisis.

In summary, it was a fantastic few hours and an event that will definitely be repeated with attendees leaving feeling re-energised and inspired by the work going on in the region.