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Building connected #IECommuniteas

By Sarah Ward


We believe in the power of connecting people with each other and with the world around them, which is why getting involved in your local Incredible Edible group can be such a supportive experience – whether you’re living with a mental health condition or not.

We’d like to celebrate World Mental Health Day on 10th October by showcasing stories from across the Incredible Edible network which demonstrate the power of small actions to create positive relationships, starting with a cuppa.  After all, Incredible Edible is about getting people together, making everyone feel a part of a truly community-led project and giving everyone a voice and an opportunity to make change in their lives as well as the lives of those around them.  Which is why we’re going to be talking about this through #IECommunitea.

So what is #IECommunitea I hear you ask? Well it’s an opportunity to have a cuppa. An opportunity to get your group, your friends, your family together and take a selfie with you all drinking tea, perhaps using our Incredible Edible teabag packets and tags, which can be downloaded here. It’s an opportunity to drink tea in your growing spaces, at food events, or in your kitchen! And then to share that photo to social media, be that to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where we will share it across the whole network for everyone to see, to comment on kindly and to link us all together through our Incredible network.

Remember that motto, “if you eat, you’re in” coined years ago when Incredible Edible Todmorden was just beginning and before the network was even an idea? Well that motto is as important today as it was in the beginning, so why not make sure you not only invite your team, your friends and neighbours to drink tea, but call out to others too? Make it a #IECommunitea event and show everyone how the power of kindness can make everyone’s world a better place.

Tag your Facebook photos with Incredible Edible UK and your Twitter pics with @IncEdNetwork. And if you want to tell us a story about your #IECommunitea event, or how your group has supported World Mental Health Day in the past, just get in touch.