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Indoor markets with tables and food stalls, with a line of people listening to presenters in front of a table of plants in pots. Indoor markets with tables and food stalls, with a line of people listening to presenters in front of a table of plants in pots.

An Incredible market initiative in Radcliffe

By Sarah Ward


A group of Incredible people in the North West want to bring fresh, local, organic produce to Radcliffe Market Hall, a market space run for and by the community – a real example of connecting communities using the power of food.

Radcliffe Market Hall is a community run organisation who are looking to recreate a great market hall in Radcliffe with the aim to provide a local, ethical and community space that provides products, services and opportunities that do not exist in Radcliffe.  With the market currently selling local eggs and meet, but no fresh fruit and veg, a group of people from Incredible Edible Prestwich and District, the Incredible Edible North West Facilitator Ian Bocock and the Market team see this community resource as a great place to sell locally grown produce.  Which is where a piece of neglected land comes in handy.  The team have come together to start Incredible Edible Radcliffe which will transform the land into a community resource to grow food to sell in the market or be used in the food outlets in the Market Hall.  All the while giving people the opportunity to learn about land cultivation and producing crops for sale.

On Sunday (5th) Incredible Edible Radcliffe was launched at the market, supported by Pam Warhurst, Incredible Edible Network founder, Ian and members of Incredible Edible Prestwich, including David, who’s been a driving force behind this new initiative (read here for more about David’s Incredible story).  At the event, Pam said, “Markets are the heart of our communities and a wonderful outlet for any local businesses, including local food growers and makers.  We all get the economies we choose, because we use the power of the pound in our pockets to make a difference in our local economy. It’s clear the team here are determined to make the new growing space a success and I look forward to coming back later in the season to sample some of the produce!”.  The group have advertised far and wide for new members with a range of skills, not just growing, because like any Incredible Edible group, if you eat you’re in and your skills will be valued and valuable.

There are as many different motivations for starting Incredible Edible groups as there are groups.  For this group, it’s the importance of supporting a local market initiative with fresh local produce.  The team have already demonstrated great planning skills to get to this point, and next the key will be getting the growing space ready while also connecting with people from the local communities to come and join in.  With the Love your local market celebrations coming up from 17th to 31st May, now is the time to support the local businesses run by local people which give your market the vibrancy and difference which makes them unique to your community.

If you’re in the Radcliffe area and would like to get involved with Incredible Edible Radcliffe then get in touch via their Facebook page.  If you’ve been inspired to get involved in your local Incredible Edible group, then search our map to find a group near you.  And if you’d like to start a new group, then sign up to our website to access a wealth of resources to support you on your Incredible journey.