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Calling all groups and friends of Incredible Edible. It’s time for action.

We’ve launched this campaign to change the rules and give people the right to grow food on suitable public sector land.

We have a Community Right to Grow Bill ready to go.


Legal Brief Campaign Brief


The Government’s Levelling up Bill is in Parliament .

Let’s get our Bill in their Bill and make it easier for everyone! Everywhere to be Incredible and grow food locally.


What can you do?

Here’s what would be great.

We need as many MPs as possible supporting an amendment to put our Right to Grow Bill into the Levelling Up Bill and we need the Secretary of State to see what a no brainer this is come the Autumn.

Here is a template to send by email or letter to your MP.

Copy and paste but please just tweak to suit your circumstances. The briefs above are printable and downloadable if you ‘d like to send them too.

We’ll be adding a template to send to the Levelling Up Secretary in the Autumn.



Dear xxxx,

We’re supporting Incredible Edibles Community Right to Grow Bill as attached.
We need your support to get it into the Levelling up Bill currently in Parliament.
Please help us so we can make sure xxxxx people can put good food grown by themselves on their tables and live healthier lives.

Yours Sincerely, xxxx

Find Your MP


Please let us know if you have a positive response from your MP – We love to know who is onboard.

You can let us know by emailing [email protected] or by following and sharing to our social media links.

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Together there’s no doubt we can do this!

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