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Right to Grow: Progress in Hull

By Incredible Edible


In September 2023 Hull was the first city to pass the Incredible Edible Right to Grow motion, which shifts access to public land from a permission-based approach, to a rights-based system with an emphasis on meaningful and trusting engagement between community and authority.

The motion was originally due to be passed through a scrutiny committee meeting in early January, but it was deemed to be of such significance that the Right to Grow was instead given its own meeting. Hull Food Partnership, who have been spearheading the work locally, attended the meeting on January 31st during which there was great enthusiasm from councillors and officers to bring the project to life. It was agreed a working group would take forward some key issues to ensure successful implementation including insurance, mapping, terms of use agreements for community growing, infrastructure (e.g. water), and developing a simple process for people to obtain places to cultivate.

In a pilot scheme initiated to test the process and demonstrate how community engagement will be vital for success, an initial site has been selected at Alderman Kneeshaw Park and the University of Leeds will be getting involved with a research project as part of the pilot.

In keeping with Hull City Council’s enthusiasm for the Right to Grow, they are due to launch a new Open Spaces Strategy, of which Right to Grow will be an integral part, and a new Open Space Community Engagement Officer has been recruited to take the project forward. They also plan to develop and Open Spaces network, which will draw on the expertise of local community groups, allotment associations, the Growers’ Network and others.

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